Using White Space in your Website

  1. Rows 1 Rows 2 White space is a great way to add blank space to your web page. You can adjust it to whatever size you would like it to be. It will spread out your elements so more of your background will show. (Especially useful if you are using a video or photo background).

Make sure you have a section placed on your page.

  1. Rows 3 Set the design of your section and click save.

  2. White Space 1 White Space 2 Text has been added to this example to demonstrate white space.

Choose the White space button and drag and drop it on the section.

  1. White Space 3 Type whatever size you would like in the Height box.

  2. White Space 4 Your space will show up as a grey space in the edit page.

  3. White Space 5 It is transparent so you won’t see it on your actual web page. The red box is added here to show approx. where the white space is.