1. links 1 links 2 Put a Section on your page

  2. links 3 In the “ID” field give the section the number 1. Put your content in that section.

  3. links 4 Add a section to the bottom of your first section.

  4. links 5 In the “ID” field give this section the number 2.

  5. links 6 Continue this process for as many sections you would like on your webpage. As long as you give each section a number it will be searchable.

  6. links 7 For this illustration, we will stop at 3.

  7. links 8 Now go to the Navigation Links.

  8. links 9 links 10 Give the Link a name and a URL path. If you are building your home page the URL would be just the /# then the number of the section.

  9. Sample If you are building another page it would be /(Path of the page)# then the number.

  10. links 11 To view what your page will look like when published click on the pencil next to home. Then click on the link that appears in the Edit Page box.

  11. links 12 You will see the links you created in the navigation bar of the page.

  12. links 15 links  14 links 13 When you click on one of the links it will take you to that section of the page.