Using Text in your Website

  1. Rows 1 Rows 2 Make sure you have a section placed on your page.

  2. Rows 3 Set the design of your section and click save.

  3. Text  1 Click on Text

  4. Text 2 Drag the text button to the Section.

  5. Text  3 Choose Left, Center or Right for your text alignment.

  6. Text  4 Type your text.

  7. Text  5 Choose different styles from the options on top of the box.

  8. Text  6 Choose the text format

  9. Text  6:1 Text  6:2 You can also make your text a link. Highlight your text and click on the link icon. Type or paste in the URL then choose the appearance you would like.

  10. Text  7 You may prefer to use the markdown editor.

  11. Text  8 Basic instructions are included.

  12. Text  10 Don’t forget to save.