Using Card in your Website

  1. Rows 1 Rows 2 Make sure you have a section placed on your page.

  2. Rows 3 Set the design of your section and click save.

  3. Card 1 The Card element makes a nice graphic/text card on your page. To demonstrate it we’ll first set up three rows on the page. The Card element will work on a full page but you can see the card effect better when there are three equal rows. Choose the Row element.

  4. Card 2 Drag it to the section.

  5. Card 3 Choose thirds from the common options.

  6. Card 4 Card 5 You now have three equal areas to work with. Drag and drop the Card element in the first row.

  7. Card 6 Select a photo.

  8. Card 7 You can choose from your gallery, upload one from your computer or stock photos.

  9. Card 7:1 You can also choose your aspect ratio. (I recommend using the same one or free form when doing 3 equal cards)

  10. Card 9 Fill out each box with the information you want.

  11. Card 10 Be sure to click save.

  12. Card 11 Drag the Card element to the next section and repeat the same steps. Do the same for the third section.

  13. Card 12 The final product is three cards on your page.