Customizing Sections in your Website

  1. B1 Web Design 25 To begin adding content to your page, click the “+” in the top right corner.

  2. B1 Web Design 26 Choose “Simple Elements”

  3. B1 Web Design 27 Drag and drop the section icon onto the page. Every design begins with a section. Once the section is in place you can add the elements.

  4. B1 Web Design 28 Click “Manually Select Colors” to design your section.

  5. B1 Web Design 29 You can choose your background color, image or YouTube video.

  6. B1 Web Design 30 You can also choose the heading color, text color, and link color.

  7. B1 Web Design 31 Click the style editor to ad a variety of styles to the section.

  8. B1 Web Design 32 Click in the property field to choose a style.

  9. B1 Web Design 33 Choose from any of these styles.

  10. B1 Web Design 34 You can designate a style for Desktop, Mobile or both platforms.