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Creating Rows in your Website

  1. Rows 1 Rows 2 Make sure you have a section placed on your page.

  2. Rows 3 Set the design of your section and click save.

  3. Rows 4 Now choose Row from simple elements.

  4. Rows 5 Drag the Row button to your section.

  5. Rows 6 Set the number of rows you want to divide your page into.

  6. Rows 7 Be sure to hit save.

  7. Rows 8 This will give you the number of rows you set. In this case three.

  8. Rows 9 You can place any of the elements you would like in the rows. Each one is independent of the others. For this example we will use the Text with Photo element.

  9. Text w:photo 1 Drag the Text with Photo button into the Row you want to place it in.

  10. Text w:photo 2 It will open a dialog box to the right. First you’ll need to choose a photo. You will have three choices to choose from. Gallery (these are photos you have previously uploaded), Upload (you can upload from your computer) and Stock Photos (these are copyright free photos you can use).

  11. Text w:photo 2:1 You can also choose the aspect ratio of your photo.

  12. Text w:photo 2:2 Text w:photo 2:3 If you want to use a stock photo you can use one of the photos that shows up under stock photos or search our stock photo album for any photo you would like.

  13. Text w:photo 3 Once you have chosen a photo, give it a label.

  14. Text w:photo 4 Choose the position you want for the photo.

  15. Text w:photo 5 Choose the text alignment

  16. Text w:photo 6 Enter your text. You can customize it using the tools on top of the text box.

  17. Text w:photo 7 Be sure to hit save.

  18. Text w:photo 8 Do the same thing for each of the three Rows. The finished product is three perfectly spaced rows.