How to perform an Advanced Search on your Chums Database

  1. Adv  Search 1 Click on the People icon.

  2. Adv  Search 2 Choose “Advanced” in the Search box.

  3. Adv  Search 3 Choose which field you would like to search.

  4. Adv  Search 4 For this example we will choose “Birth Month”.

  5. Adv  Search 5 Choose an operator. This tells the program how to conduct the search. In this case we will choose =.

  6. Adv  Search 6 Adv  Search 7 Type in or choose a value and click save.

  7. Adv  Search 8 Click Search. This will bring up everyone who has a September birthday.

  8. Adv  Search 9 You can download this list as a csv file by clicking the download icon.

  9. Adv  Search 10 Adv  Search 11 You can also search for more than one condition by clicking add condition. In this example we will search for everyone with the name Doe with a September birthday.

  10. Adv  Search 12 Your search conditions show up in the Advanced Search box.

  11. Adv  Search 13 Adv  Search 14 Click Search.