How to set up Automated Tasks in Chums

  1. Auto Task 1 You can set up any number of tasks using qualifiers to make the task specific to a group or individual. Click the Tasks icon and click Automations.

  2. Auto Task 2 Click the + sign.

  3. Auto Task 3 In this example we will set automated tasks to give us a list of men and women over the age of 18 who have a birthday in the current month. Give the task a name. Choose whether the task will repeat or not.

  4. Auto Task 4 Choose the action.

  5. Auto Task 5 Auto Task 6 Choose a person or group to assign the task to.

  6. Auto Task 7 Give the task a title, note and save.

  7. Auto Task 8 Now choose the conditions of the task.

  8. Auto Task 9 Choose the conjunction “And” or “Or”.

  9. Auto Task 10 Auto Task 11 Add a condition.

  10. Auto Task 12 Auto Task 13 Choose a condition type.

  11. Auto Task 14 Choose what part of the date.

  12. Auto Task 15 Auto Task 15:1 Choose an operator.

  13. Auto Task 16 Choose a month qualifier.

  14. Auto Task 17 The conditions show at the bottom of the Automation Details

  15. Auto Task 18 Automated Tasks will show up when you click the Tasks icon. Automated Tasks are processed each night at 12:00am