How to set up Attendance in Chums

  1. Groups 10 Click the Attendence icon.

  2. Groups 11 Click the + in Groups.

  3. Groups 12 Choose Add Campus, Add Service, or Add Service Time.

  4. Groups 13 Groups 14 In Campus add a New Campus and click save.

  5. Groups 15 Click Add Service to add a service.

  6. Groups 16 Choose where the service will be located.

  7. Groups 17 Give the service a name.

  8. Groups 18 Groups 19 Now add a service time.

  9. Groups 20 The service name, place and time will show up in group details.

  10. Groups 21 Click add to add the service to the group detail.

  11. Groups 22 Groups 23 Click save.

How to Record Attendance

  1. Attendance 1:1 Click on the Group icon then choose one of your groups.

  2. Attendence 2 Go to Sessions.

  3. Attendence 3 Click the New button.

  4. Attendance 4 Add a session. You can add as many session dates for the class as you would like. After you have saved choose a session from the ones that drop down.

  5. Attendance 5 Attendance 6 Add class members who are in attendance that day.

  6. To see an attendance report you can click on the Attendance icon, choose Group Attendance and set the filters for your report and click Run Report. Attendance 7