How to set up Tasks in Chums

  1. Task 1 Tasks are a great way to assign jobs within your organization. In the Chums homepage click on the Tasks icon.

  2. Task 2 Click the + symbol to add a task.

  3. Task 3 Associate the task with someone in your church. “Who is assigning this task?”

  4. Task 4 You can select a person or group.

  5. Task 5 Assign the task to someone. “Who will be completing the task?”

  6. Task 6 Again, you can choose a person or group.

  7. Task 7 Give the task a title (what do you want accomplished?) You may add a note or leave the note field blank. Click Save.

  8. Task 8:1 Task 9 The task will show up when you click the task icon. When the task is complete click on the task name and choose closed.