Assigning Roles for Church Apps

The first person who signs up for Church Apps is automatically a domain administrator for all apps. You must be a domain administrator to assign roles. You can add administrative privilages to anyone who is registered under your church.

  1. Assigning roles 1 In the Chums homepage click the gear on the left side of your screen.

  2. Assigning roles 2 You have several options to choose from. If you only want someone to have admin. privilages in one app you can choose it here. If you want someone to have full administrative privilages choose Domain Admins.

  3. Assigning roles 3 Once you choose an app you can then give the person whatever permissions you choose from the list on the right side of the screen.

  4. assigning roles 11 Click the add box to add an administrator.

  5. assigning roles 12 Then type the persons name in the search box and hit search.

  6. assigning roles 13 When they are found click the add button.

  7. assigning roles 14 If they are not in your data base you can add them here.

  8. assigning roles 15 Once they are added hit save.

  9. assigning roles 16 Click on the pencil by their name to choose which permissions you want to give them.

  10. Assigning roles 50 Domain Administrators have all permissions and you cannot edit their permissions.