How To Make A Donation Report

  1. Donation report 1 In the Chums dashboard click on the Donation icon

  2. Donation Reports 2 The default Donation Summary is for the past year. You can choose whatever dates you would like to show. Click “Run Report”.

  3. Donation Reports 3 To download a CSV of the Donation Summary click the download icon. This will produce a dropdown menu. Choose “Fund Summary” and a CSV file will download to your Downloads File. This file does not include donors names.

  4. Donation Reports 4 Click on the “Detailed Summary” to produce a CSV file which includes each donors name, how much they have given and which fund they gave to during the “Filter Report” dates.

  5. Use the following templates or create your own Pages or Word document to mail merge with the CSV file (using Numbers or Excel ) for a donation report.

  6. Link to Pages template

  7. Link to Word template

  8. Donation report 3 To view individual donations click on the batch you would like to see.

  9. Donation report 4 You can download a csv file showing the results. This will include the donor and the amount given in that batch.