Start accepting Payments Online in Chums

How To Setup Online Giving

  1. Setup an account for your church on Stripe (you will need to Activate your account and take it out of test mode)
  2. Connect Your new Stripe account to Chums.

Admin work after payments start coming in.

Donation summary

Gives a weekly summary of giving in graph form. Download: Gives a csv with the total amount given, the week it was given and what fund it was given to. This summary does not tell who gave. You can filter the report by date. The top date should be the earlier date and the bottom date the most recent date.


This is a report of who gave, when they gave, how much they gave and to what fund. Download: Gives a csv with the number of donations, the id, the name and the total amount given. Click on “name” this opens a window with a breakdown of how many times the person donated and how much each time. Click on “ID” and it opens a side window with a discription of that donation. Download: Gives a csv with all the information in the data base about that donor and how much they gave.